This is Hair Change

In high school I was a blonde, I had side bangs. Then senior year of high school I dyed my hair brunette. Then in college went back to blonde. After graduating college I went back to brunette and 4 years later I haven’t looked back.

I wanted to change my hair again but not the color. I am very happy being a brunette and yes blondes do have fun…but I didn’t want to keep up with the hair maintenance to remain a blonde.

So in October 2016, right after I came back from Mexico with my best friends I chopped off a lot of my hair. I wanted a change and going short was it! I was nervous for this because it was about 15 years since I had short hair, maybe even longer.


This picture above was me (on the left) with my long hair in Mexico right before I got this new short hair cut.


And this picture above is after the hair cut, 7 inches gone!

The maintenance of having short hair has been amazing. My hair does NOT work well with humidity!

I just got my hair cut again this week and wanted to continue with the short look, but again have some change to it.

And hey like the motto of my blog says “Your 20’s are for learning.” So I am trying new hair styles and learning what I like and what works best with my face shape.

I decided to go with a long bob, so I can keep the short look but incorporate a hair style change as well.

I am loving my new hairstyle and have received so many compliments.






So my advice is, go out there try that new hairstyle or hair color that you want to try. Mid-twenties is still the time where you can explore freely still with your style as a way to express yourself.

I loved having my short hair, but I do feel that the short hair look is very in right now and also a very mature look. I don’t want to ever look “old” but I do feel that I look more mature and my age with short hair.

Go out there try that new hair cut you’ve been wanting to try, dye your hair that fun color for the summer. Just know that nothing you’ll do to your hair will be permanent it will always grow, the color will always fade. Be spontaneous, that’s what your mid-twenties is all about.

Find that hairstyle that works for you and makes you feel confident, because when you feel good you look good 🙂

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