This is 27

I turned 27 on Thursday June 1. It was the first time in my 27 years that I worked. I decided to take my birthday holiday and use this Friday instead (long weekend)!

So now does this consider me Mid Twenties!? Some people said yes while others said no. For myself I look at your 20’s as you’re waiting to turn 21 of course. Then you’re young 20’s until 24. Mid twenties are 25-27, late twenties are 28-29 and well then you’re 30.

For me age is just a number, you’re only as old as you feel. So be the age you are and embrace that new year, the new you! Although I turned 27 last than a week ago, I can already feel a difference. I look back on who I was even a few years ago and how much I’ve matured and it just goes to show the power of my favorite motto in life “you’re 20’s are for learning.”

Walking into work the day of my birthday I was in a great mood the sun was shinning finally after all this rain and it was a high of 77 that day.

I walked into my desk in cube land at my office to this amazing surprise!


Now birthdays are a huge deal to me. It’s about the celebration of your life. So I am a sucker for surprises. To walk into work and see a surprise done for me was amazing.



The surprises didn’t stop! My mum came and visited me at work and delivered me balloons, beautiful flowers and card!

And then just as I thought this day couldn’t get any better….I walked out of my work meeting that was held from 11-12:15 to see a present on my desk!

I didn’t have my glasses on so I couldn’t tell what it was from far away #thisis27 and then I see a sticky note on my computer monitor that said “Happy Bday -Brother Bear” I was so excited and thought my brother who lives in Providence had to have dropped that off.

Come to find he walks over to my desk a minute later and yet again another surprise! It was the best surprise I did not expect him to show up to my work!


Tears of joy spilled from my eyes. Looking around my desk I realized how loved I am and that it is a great feeling. And that is what your birthday is all about.

After work I got dinner and drinks in Marina Bay with some of my best friends.


We had a gorgeous view and had a great time.

So no matter if people think I’m not mid twenties and that I’m late twenties. It doesn’t matter to me. My family and friends showed me that age doesn’t matter. Celebrate who I am and enjoy life.

So this is 27!

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