This is Celebrating Birthdays

Birthdays are a big deal to me! For me it’s all about the celebration of you life. Celebrating the accomplishments you’ve had and the year that you’re entering. So for me it’s not just one day of celebrating…it’s a few days or this year two weekends in a row.

My 27th birthday fell on a Thursday and I took that Friday off so I could thoroughly enjoy myself. Life is short, you need to live it up and experience the fun times in life while you’re in your #midtwenties.

In my previous blog post I talked about my actual birthday day/night celebrations and how special that day was.

So the next morning…afternoon I woke up and went to Chainsmokers concert with my best friend. She bought my ticket for me! I was so excited and waited months to see them! I love every single song they sing and my god can they put on a show!

They played Friday June 2 at the TD Garden in Boston.



We danced our butts off night and jammed to their awesome songs!


It was a concert I won’t forget and they are someone I would totally see again!

Celebration number three occurred the next day, Saturday June 3. This was my birthday cookout at my house.  Friends, family and coworkers joined me to help celebrate. My friend Lauren and I decorated to make the place look extra special.

We got a lot of our decorations from the Dollar Store, they are cute decorations and super inexpensive. I would recommend any summer cookouts or birthday parties check out the Dollar Store they have great stuff!







We transformed my backyard and house with birthday decorations because it’s not a party without decorations right!?


Can’t forget the large number balloons, thanks to my cousin Dorina! I told her months ago I wanted these because obviously I need them for my Instagram picture 🙂

But let me say these balloons are worth the money they are still inflated and flying high in my room and it’s been almost two weeks!


My friends made me feel special coming out to celebrate my birthday with me and I am forever grateful to have them in my life.

In your mid twenties you need to surround yourself with friends and family and celebrate life. I always go big for birthdays and love surprises especially as you can see if my other blog posts!

You don’t need to go crazy and spend a ton of money, just enjoy yourself with the one’s you love the most.

We did burgers and hot dogs on the grill, got decorations from the Dollar Store, borrowed extra lawn furniture from my aunt and neighbors, borrowed lawn games from neighbors, had chips and dip and had even byob.

So my advice is party cheap and enjoy the company you have if you want to throw yourself a birthday party. If I planned on doing a dinner or a night out in town, chances are less people would’ve showed up. I had about 25 people show up in total throughout the day and it was a perfect amount!

Butttt the celebrations did not end here after day three of celebrating…..

The real celebrations began next weekend in NOLA!


Follow me for my next blog post on celebrating my birthday in style in New Orleans, LA!

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