This is NOLA

My brother, sister and I are all Geminis…so we are crazy but know how to have a good time! My birthday is June 1 and they are twins and their birthday’s June 7. We are four years apart and have always celebrated our birthdays together since we were kids.

Our initial and the order of our birth is M.A.E. so as kids that is what our birthday cakes would say. I also have those initial tattooed on my foot and my mum does on her ankle.

But any who we are very close, my siblings are my best friends. When they turned 21 and I turned 25 in 2015 we celebrated our birthdays in VEGAS! What a time that was! We partied our ass off and had the best vacation ever. 4 nights 5 days…let me tell you tooooo long for Vegas! Any advice I have you really on need 2-3 nights TOPS! I took them for their 21st birthday (best sister ever award, I know!)

We had the time of our lives and decided two years later for our 23rd & 27th birthdays that we wanted to have another siblings trip. SOOOOO New Orleans it was! After Vegas, we learned that you can’t stay in a party city for too too long. We did 3 nights 4 days and it was the perfect amount of time.

We stayed in the Astor Crowne Plaza that was on the corner of Canal Street and Bourbon Street! We were in the perfect location right where all the action is!


I booked the trip on -that is where I book usually all of my vacations. I find the best rates on there and also recommend booking on Tuesdays, also when they have the best rates.

I have a Jet Blue credit card and have racked up so many points that my round trip flight was only $75! Can’t beat that! Especially flying on in my opinion the best airline, Jet Blue, love the TV’s!

The pool at our hotel was on the 3rd floor, it was roof deck pool. Totally looked bigger in the pictures on the website, but hey a pool is a pool! All we wanted was to have a few drinks and take a dip! And of course catch some of those Louisiana rays!

I got us koozies for our birthdays and decorated the hotel room with decorations that I received from my birthday this year. I like to add cute little touches to make memories even more special!


Although we went in June, everywhere you walk are beads. It has the Madi Gras feel to it!



We started our trip off with going to Pat O’Brien’s. We heard they have the world famous Hurricane drinks, which are New Orleans signature drinks!

The streets were very easy to navigate around which was great because it was about 90 degrees daily with about 90% humidity (or at least it felt like that!) So some nice tall cold Hurricanes sounded like the best way to break into our vacation!


We got to keep the glasses as souvenirs which I brought home and filled up with the beads I collected as a decoration for my bedroom to remember this amazing vacation!

Our uncle gave us money to make reservations at The Court of 2 Sisters. This was a beautiful restaurant right on Bourbon Street. We enjoyed drinks, appetizers, dinner and desert!


Some activities and places that I highly recommend when you visit NOLA are (as well as some tips) 🙂

Go into the bar where you buy 1 get 2 free -yes you can buy 1 Corona for $8 and get two others for just $8!

Also you can walk into CVS or Walgreens and openly drink on the streets just like Vegas! When you leave a bar or restaurant their first question is “do you want a to go cup?”

Get a Hurricane drink, it’s famous for NOLA (not my favorite mixed drink ever, but it is NOLA so you need to at least order one!)

Get a hand grenade -these are very popular down here, you get a cool cup and they are SO strong!


Check out the live performances on the street, they’re highly entertaining. Especially the jazz bands because what else feels more NOLA than listening to jazz!?


Take a ride on the Natchez steamboat ride, this goes on the Mississippi River. You will feel like Huckleberry Finn, which by the way is a restaurant on Decatur Street! We did a jazz brunch on the steamboat ride and they knew it was our birthdays and had a cute table decorated for us and also free champagne!


Check out the casino Harrah’s -it is huge! My brother won money, I was a loser…but still had a blast playing and of course getting those free drinks!


Take a swamp boat ride on the bayou! I highly recommend this. We did a night time tour and saw alligators, spiders, the sunset and the cool scenery of the bayous.

Our tour guide fed the gators hot dogs so we were able to see them up close and in action! Having the tour at night was super creepy but also very cool!


Visit the carousel bar, yes this bar does move very slowly like a carousel! It was awesome to sit at and I highly recommend their Pimm’s Cup. This was a perfect refreshing summer drink to cool off!


Visit Jackson Square. This is quick walk right down Bourbon Street and it is a beautiful monument. You will see people selling their artwork around there, street performers, fortune tellers and great shops.

This is a great place to take pictures and it’s right in front of the Mississippi River. Very cool spot to check out!


We also did a ghost tour in a haunted house, this was super scary. It was as if we were in one of those ghost hunters shows where we had the tools to search for ghosts. It was from 10pm – 1:30am and it was even spookier to have this tour in the pitch black of Louisiana.

Walking down the streets of Louisiana you feel so much history. It is a great city and there is so much to do and see. I highly recommend everyone take a trip to this city! My siblings and I had the best time ever and will forever cherish the memories we had!





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