This is Summer

Summer 2017 is here! Although it seems that we went straight from Winter to Summer overnight…

But it is Summer time and the livin’ is easy. At least that is my motto usually for the Summer. I enjoy to plan and stay busy so my agenda is usually booked. But that’s what life is all about, especially in your midtwenties.

I’m not one who makes a lot of money by any means butttt while I am young I need to enjoy myself and make the most of my Summer time. So some advice is if you get invited to that Red Sox game or that outdoor concert, go!

Being in my midtwenties…or as some think now that I am 27 my late twenties…I need to live it up while I can. I plan to have a family someday and not that my life is over after that haha, my life will just be different.

Although I haven’t been to the beach yet, which is crazy because it’s almost July I have been lounging in pools a lot. Of course on that Instagram worthy float….gotta do it for the Instagram 🙂


Last weekend, Quincy had PorchFest which was super fun and totally something different to do. Neighborhoods in Quincy had local bands perform on porches. It had a block party type of feel. People of all ages joined to jam on the bands.

My neighbors and I went to check it out and support the local bands. And it was something fun and different to do. And for me that is what Summer is all about, making memories and trying new things!


So I recommend trying new activities or going on new adventures this Summer.

Since the 4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year, my company gave us Monday the 3rd off as well. Which for me the 3rd is one of the best day’s of the year. In my hometown Marshfield it is a holiday of its own!

I have tons of vacation time so my best friends and I all took that week off, I also took that Monday off so I have a nice 10 days off 🙂

This will be my first ever staycation. I have tons of fun activities planned and I am really looking forward to having a full week off to enjoy my Summer because working full time you really only have 2 days to hope for beach/pool days.

If you’re a planner like me your Summer is probably pretty much booked. Here are some activities that I’m doing if you’re more of a laxydaisy go with the flow type.

Concerts/Weekend Getaways

NH to visit family on Lake Winnepasauke

Levitate Music Festival -2 day festival in Marshfield July 8 & 9

Maine for my uncle’s lake house (such a fun/easy get away)

Family cookout

Weekend trip to NY to visit my sister, we are planning on going to Panorama Music festival -to the Sunday show July 30 at Randall’s Island. I highly recommend this venue, I have been there twice and love it!

Good Vibes Summer Tour -August 5 at Blue Hills Pavilion

JUSTIN BIEBER concert at Gillette -August 29

Pool parties and of course the BEACH. I grew up in Marshfield where we have the best beaches and most are private! ‘

So drink those Summer fruity beers -highly recommend the Porch Rockers by Sam Adams they’re so tasty!

Drink those frozen drinks, float on that over-sized raft and don’t forget to Instagram it, stay on the beach all day, get sunburnt, go on an adventure, take a long weekend to a East Coast destination, go to as many outdoor concerts as you can, ride that boat, eat endless amounts of seafood and most of all enjoy it while you can and have fun!

Being in your midtwenties are the best year’s of your life and Summer time can be some of the best memories you create!


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