This is Stay-cation

For the first time in my life I decided to take a stay-cation. During the long winter months my friends and I were looking ahead at summer and saw the way the July 4th holiday fell. My company gave us the 3rd & 4th off paid, so I only had to use 4 vacation days and I had 10 days off of work!

That was the longest I was out of work since I was in college, which feels like an eternity ago. 5 of us planned to all have that week off and just enjoy summertime!

We lucked out weather wise, it was gorgeous everyday. We had a lot of fun activities planned and I think we began a new tradition in our friendship, stay-cation.

When you live in New England, we have enough locations and great beaches where you can enjoy yourself just as much. Don’t get me wrong I love to travel, but staying local was actually really nice.

I wanted to share some of the activities we did this week so if you and your friends and family are looking for a stay-cation.


The first day of my stay-cation I went to Lake Winnepasauke, NH to my uncle’s house. They had the fireworks displayed this night. We spent the day swimming, kayaking, fishing, boating and tubing.

Being in my mid-twenties let me tell you my arms were sore after these activities. I do work out but holding on for dear life tubing with my brother and kayaking wooo.

July 3rd is one of my favorite days of the whole year. My hometown Marshfield celebrates the 3rd like no other. The 4th of July is usually a day of being hungover by a pool because the 3rd is so extravagant!

We started the day off at Rexhame Beach, it was a hot hot hot day! The water was numbing but after a few spiked seltzers it felt good! FullSizeR.jpg

We got the best of both worlds that day and went to our friend’s parents pool for a relaxing afternoon on the floats!

Gotta change into your MURICA’ gear for the night! We went to our friends party across the street and played yard games and drank to celebrate America’s birthday!

I got my flag shall at Target for $25! The second I saw it I knew it was perfect to wear to the beach or for night. It’s great for Memorial Day, Labor Day and 4th of July!

Then I wore white shorts I’ve had and blue tank top that I also got from Target!



Living in a beach town is amazing and we are walking distance to the beach where locals set off great firework displays. Sitting on the Brant Rock seawall you can see the other beaches displays and it’s truly a beautiful sight!

The 4th of July my cousins had a cookout so I spent the day in the pool hanging out with family! That night we went to Marina Bay in Quincy to a bar called Water Club. They have a cool roof deck and you could see the Boston fireworks display.


The next day I spent the day again by a pool but this one was my aunts! My cousin had us over for lobster and steak dinner YUM! It was a nice relaxing day and needed after my days filled with drinking 😉

The next day was my family’s booze cruise!!! Another favorite day of the year for me! Every year we have the Mary Binda Memorial Booze Cruise and the South Boston Boys & Girls Club sponsors this and all the proceeds are raised for them!

It’s a great night that is in memory of a wonderful woman, the proceeds are for a great cause and you’re surrounded by family and friends!

We set sail on the Provincetown II out of the Seaport District in Boston and go on a cruise around the Boston Harbor. Now if you haven’t been on a booze cruise, this is something I HIGHLY recommend. Boozin’ and cruisin’ how do you get better than that!?



The day after we had a “chill” day where we went out for lunch and got burgers and beers and went bowling. Couldn’t remember the last time I went bowling! It rained for a bit so it was a great rainy activity. That night we stayed in and ordered pizza and gave our bodies a rest. Being your mid twenties those nights are always great to have.

Especiallyyyyy when you have a 2 day music festival the next 2 days!

Levitate Music Festival was that weekend in my hometown Marshfield. This was my 3rd year attending this concert and this year it was the biggest with 2 days and 20 bands!

They had an amazing lineup this year with people such as Ziggy Marley, Dispatch, Umphrey’s McGee, Stick Figure and the Revivalist!

The festival was great they had tents with cute clothes and bags, they had tons of cool food vendors and great live music in the background!






There’s just something about a music festival with names this big in your hometown. It was such a cool experience and a fun filled 2 days!

If you live local and haven’t checked out Levitate Music Festival I highly recommend it! The vibes are great!

Concerts are a great summer activity and perfect for a stay-cation!

Being in your mid-twenties and having lots of summer cocktails and being in the sun can really catch up to you! But I had an absolute blast and look forward to planning a stay-cation next summer again.

So if you’re on the fence of spending a ton of money to fly somewhere and get a hotel and all that think again about maybe having a stay-cation. If you have the right people off with you and activities planned it is a great time and what’s better than getting paid to enjoy yourself from work that way!?

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