This is Friday Night

My single best friends and I decided that it’s time that we go out and find boyfriends. Our favorite place that we usually spend most of our time is our house. One big selling point of our house was the large living room that has ample entertaining space!

But hanging out inside our house and having people over isn’t how we will meet boyfriends! Or going out with a large group of our friends and especially having guys around.

We will not look approachable that way to the single male eyes.

So we decided since it’s Fall and the time of change that we were going to hit the town and dress like we are in our mid twenties. Sophisticated young professional women.

Last Friday we put our high heels on, our red lipstick of course had a few drinks prior and then Ubered into town!

Got to the bar around 10:30pm, we thought this would be a good time but most of the people already there were clicky and didn’t seem like they wanted to mingle.

Now my friends and I don’t need other people to enjoy ourselves, we have fun no matter what we do or where we go. Butttt the point of the night was to mingle and meet others.

So finding the four of us at a table to ourselves was not how we wanted the night to go. As we sipped our drinks and scoped out the crowd we debated going to another bar down by the Marina.

As we debated in walked two males, who sat at the table behind us. I am a very confident person and could strike conversation with anyone.

So I went over and said hello and introduced myself. A first question I usually ask is, “Where are you from?” this question I often find is a great way to start a conversation and usually leads to more in depth talks.

If someone says they live in the city I would say how I lived there and went to college there…which would lead to where did you go to school?, where’s your favorite place to go out in the city? whose your favorite sports team? Etc.

And ladies let me tell you, a woman who knows enough about sports to hold a conversation is a huge turn on for guys! 😉

As the night went out we ended up meeting another group of guys and then another group.

It was great to get ourselves out there meet new people, get drinks paid for 🙂 and dance!

Two of us left with phone numbers and the other two (myself included) left with memories of a fun night.

So my advice to you is just always be yourself, be confident. You truly do not know who can meet and when you will meet them.

Our soul mates are out there and I often find myself asking “What is he doing right now?” He is out there but our paths just have not crossed yet.

So next Friday that you are looking for something to do grab that black dress shirt, those high heels and lipstick and hit the town with your ladies.

Midtwenties is all about living your life, putting yourself out there and of course as my motto goes “Your 20’s are for learning.”



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