This is Rejection

I graduated college in 2012 from a top university in Boston. My dream and passion since I can remember has been writing and communicating. If you asked me at 18 years old where I would see myself five years out of college….my answer would not have been where I am today.

I figured I would have been working full-time for a newspaper, or at top agency in Boston. Well unfortunately I have no landed my “dream” job just yet.

After five years of applying, cover letters, resume tweaks, phone interviews, research and in person interviews I haven’t been offered that job I have been longing for.

And let me tell you, it sucks. Being denied from a job you dedicated time, research and your heart into hurts. I have been writing for a local newspaper for three years and have applied for jobs with them twice and have been turned down TWICE!

It felt like someone was breaking up with me.

Receiving daily emails in my gmail saying “we picked another candidate” phone calls after phone and in person interviews “you don’t have enough experience” is very discouraging.

Rejection is not something anyone likes, and I am sure as you are reading this you have said that to yourself.

After the amount of tears and let downs I have had and hearing from family and friends that I can’t give up my time will come, those companies don’t deserve you… It becomes repetitive and I am just ready for my time!

But this is what mid twenties is all about, finding yourself. Getting rejected and being able to bounce back and keep putting yourself out there.

I know my “dream” job is out there, when I will get it I don’t know, hopefully sooner than later. But the only person I will be letting down by not trying is myself.

So trust me you are not the only one out there feeling rejection. It’s a tough world out there for job hunting. I often find myself saying that I graduated at the wrong time.

I know 22 year old college graduates already in their field, I know 30 year olds who have had to go back to school to gain their masters to move up in their field or completely take another career path.

Whatever you do, whatever journey you take it is only to better yourself. Rejection is all apart of learning who you are and what is best for you. As my blog reads that is what mid twenties is all about, learning who you are.

So take these rejections and learn from them, I know it hurts but we can’t give up our chance is out there and when it happens all the hard work we have put into it will shape us at the employee that will strive and succeed.

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