This is Hosting an Adult Party

I love hosting parties and being able to live on my own this allows me all the reason to host parties…especially themed parties.

A week ago, I hosted an “adult party” LAIDies only 😉

It was on the Friday the 13th and that day as is, is always spooky! So why not host a fun adult party? You’re midtwenties is all about having fun!

I had over 18 of my closest girlfriends, family and co-workers.

I always like to go over the top for everything because life is all about making memories.

So here’s some tips for a fun inexpensive girls night in!

I made white sangria for the first time.

Ingredients: Chardonnay, simple syrup, ginger ale, strawberries and blueberries that I soaked in vodka the night before!

To make the sangria pop, I bought off Amazon pink plastic cups and multi-color penis straws. I thought this would be a fun touch for my guests to have cool pictures to post and snap chats to take!


The party was free to host and if you have enough people over you can make proceeds off of the sales! How cool is that!?IMG_0338.jpg

We had simple snacks to serve upstairs and others downstairs as well. We didn’t want to go too over the top because everyone was getting their drink on!


Also to make the party pop even more…penis confetti! This came in pink, red, purple and silver and was a great small added touch.


We used our dining room table for the “props” and circled everyone into my living room area for the show.

It was a nice night to get together and didn’t cost a lot of money at all.

Hosting an adult party is a fun Friday night with the girls! In your midtwenties if you haven’t experience one I recommend it! Great for a housewarming party to get the girls over or just a fun night to plan!

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