This is the First and Last Date

In my previous blog post, “This is Match” I revealed details about one of my 2018 New Year’s resolutions, putting myself out there on a dating profile. I’ve been on the site for almost a month and went on my first Match date two weeks ago.

Let me just say this was our first and last date…

He was the first guy on Match that I felt like I “connected” with. Let’s just call him Double Dew, I don’t want to use real names so I figured nicknames work just as well and you will see why this is his.

Two days into the site, Double Dew messaged me and we talked daily for two weeks straight. On my last day of my previous job, he wished me a good last day (remembering from a previous conversation that it was my last day). Points to a guy with a good memory!

He also asked if he could take me out sometime, I of course responded yes. I then gave him my number because at this point it felt right to communicate via text rather than the messages on the app.

Double Dew almost instantly text me and added me on snap chat. We talked via text all night and realized we had mutual friends. That night he asked permission if he could add me on Facebook. I said yes and you can imagine we both “creeped” on each others profiles because isn’t that what social media is for?

Fast forward to a few days later….date night. We went to a nice restaurant close to me and met for drinks. I asked him to meet me in the parking lot because in the world we live in today you never know with CatFish. But he was who I thought he was…

Neither of us have been to this spot and we walked in and it was packed but I spotted the last two seats at the bar. We both ordered tall Blue Moons and instantly dove into conversation.

There was never a dull moment or silence, the conversation flowed and it came natural and easy. All my nerves left because I felt comfortable to him, I was very attracted to him and I wanted to learn more.

We talked about our families, growing up, our careers and anything else in between. He held my hand at one point looked into my eyes and said “See this is all I want, someone I can enjoy life like this with.” I of course melted. I was smiling from ear to ear and thought to myself wow two days into this site, I actually met a good guy.

We hung out and got to know each other until the bar was closing. He walked me to my car and all I could think about was…is he going to kiss me? After chatting in the parking lot for a few minutes it happened we kissed and it was great.

He asked if he won a second date and my response was, “Well I just started my new job as you know and told myself I would be home by 10::00pm and it’s now 11:30pm so yes I had a great time.”

Double Dew said pinky promise that we would have a second date, I did the pinky promise symbol and told him to kiss his gotta do that or else it’s not a real pinky promise.

I came home high on the feelings I had of Double Dew, the date and that kiss.

The next text I got from him was about how much fun he had and how excited he was for the next time (with a smile face).

The next few days the texts decreased, which is fine I had my weekend plans and I am not one that needs that constant texting attention. I would rather see you in person and hold real conversations than text lingo.

After not hearing from him for a few days, I figured as the confident woman that I am, I would text him first and ask how his weekend was to start.

He sent me one text and that was it….

I couldn’t help but wonder, what happened?

This date went so good, he seemed and even followed-up about how excited he was for the next time. And now the game began.

I got that text, that he was dealing with things and that is why he was MIA for a few days. At this point the excitement and fun is already gone but I have nothing to lose so I will see how the conversations go over the next few days.

Double Dew text me two days in a row but seemed more to see what I was doing, the conversations didn’t have much meaning. I am a talker so responded back and invited him over on Sunday to watch the football game at my place.

He told me he would get back to me if he could…but never gave me an answer and as the title of this blog post goes, you can tell he didn’t come over.

Here is why and here is where the nickname comes from.

Double Dew.

Come to find out that he is also active on eHarmony as well. I guess that is why he lives at home still because he’s paying for two dating sites at once and they aren’t free like Bumble or Tinder.

The reason I found this out is because my roommate is on eHarmony and guess who messaged her DOUBLE DEW!

He wrote the same pick up line and first message to her….Verbatim….commas and all. So that right there alone made me upset he obviously has no game and says that same line to every girl on BOTH sites.

To top it off, her profile has a picture from last year’s Halloween costumes WITH ME IN IT! This is the exact picture I showed him from my Instagram on OUR DATE!

How he didn’t put this together is beyond me….or did he and he’s just “that guy.”

So after finding all this out, I needed to come up with a way to show him I knew this Double Dew side of him but didn’t want to come off as a psycho.

My roommate and I snap chatted him with out Halloween costume props and I wrote in large letters, look familiar?

Well he opened it but like I figured no response. So we will see if he texts again and I will update this if so.

Some advice I have is you never know how to read someone, I thought the date went great and was really excited to meet him again and get to know more about him. After realizing he was Double Dew, I want nothing to do with him.

Being in your mid twenties is all about exploring yourself, seeing what you want and like. So the next date I will be more cautious about what could happen.

By no means will this prevent me from dating again, I am on this site for a reason and understand that dating is game and work.

So you truly never know what you’re going to get. Would I have rather the date went bad…or I got stood up. I don’t know?

But I do know stay away from Double Dew!

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