This is Dating or is it an Interview?

So as I am discovering the dating world for really the first time in my life, let me start off by saying it is exhausting!

Of course, I’ve hung out with guys before and had boyfriends. But as you can read in my previous blogs, 2018 started my first “real” dates. In other words meeting guys off the internet and going on a date…getting drinks.

I’ve been on two so far…blog to be posted soon about the second date, the first date is posted before this one.

The more dates and guys I talk to the more I am realizing dating is just like going on job interviews!

I just spent the past 5.5 years on and off searching for jobs, I’ve had three after college and finally 5.5 years , 25+ interviews later I am finally where I want to be in my career. Let me tell you it is a GREAT feeling.

So as I look at this conception, I can’t help but wonder will it take me this long to find “the one?”

I mean I know you have to kiss a few frogs before you kiss the prince….but if this is going to take as long as my job interviews jeez I will have warts!

So as I am on these dating sites, Bumble and it seems that the “fad” the “excitement” is very very quick. Few lines and then they disappear. Are they onto the next hot girl they swiped right or matched with?

Being in your mid twenties now there’s so many options out there and they’re literally waiting at your finger tips. The urge to look for the next hot thing is very easy.

Also you are dealing with the famous question, “What are you on here for?” When I get asked this, I instantly am turned off and know that they are only looking for a hook up. Too each is own but not my cup of tea.

I figured would bring more success, more guys who are ready to settle down and find that partner to share life with. But as I am discovering, it’s almost the exact same as Bumble or Tinder…but I paid for it.

So back to how this dating life is just like going on job interviews. It dawned on me the other day as I was chatting with my single roommate whose currently on her second date with a guy she met from! -Get it girl!

What I have been dealing with, with companies is very similar to what I am experiencing putting myself out there and dating.

You start by your search -for a company and for someone you like on a dating site

If you are a match here is where the first round begins, the company will reach out for a phone interview, on a dating site you communicate via the app and if it goes well (more than a few lines of communication) here is where the phone numbers get exchanged. Oh and lately the adding on snap chat which to me is too soon, I don’t need you to know my personal life before we meet. Much as you would’t want a company you are seeking watching your my stories.

If you pass the phone interview, for dating pass the first few conversations, adding the phone numbers…it turns into come in for an interview and for dating, can I take you out?

This is where more research begins, prior to the job interview you want to research all you can on the company their history etc. For dating you do this but through social media. I recommend LinkedIn and Google too because you never know if this person is who they say they are. We do live in a world of CatFish…

For a big interview or a big date you might purchase a new outfit, something that makes you happy and feel good in. I recommend Nordstrom Rack, best store with great prices.

Day of the interview – night of the date.

Your nerves kick in, your sweating, overthinking am I ready, butterflies are flutturing.

You walk into the company and instantly think is this a place I can see myself. You walk into the date, I prefer to meet in the parking lot, and instantly think about their looks (do they look like their photos, ooo he’s cute, ah he’s not). All these thoughts are racing through your mind.

Then during an interview much like your date you are finding out is this a good fit. Career wise and dating wise. Should we hire you, should I date you?

After the interview you think, how did I do? Is this my job I have been waiting for?

After the date, you think should I have said that? Is this the guy for me?

Then you go on your way, for the job you send a follow-up thank you email. For the date it’s a follow-up thank you for the drinks text.

Here comes the waiting game…it’s been a few days I haven’t heard from the company. It’s been a few days the texts and snap chats have slowed down.

Does this company not want to hire me? Should I follow-up with an email or a phone call again?

Does this guy not like me anymore? Should I text him again, is he waiting for me to text him first?

Job interviews and dating are of course two different categories however I am discovering that they have a lot of similarities.

So as you are in your mid twenties, enjoy your 20’s there’s no need to rush. We have our whole lives ahead of us.

Advice I have is be patient and be YOU. If a company doesn’t pick you, then it’s not meant to be.

If a guy doesn’t call back then onto the next.

Have fun and enjoy yourself, through it all you’ll discover your happiness!

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