This is Why Dating Sucks

I’ve been on the dating scene since January, as I made my New Years resolution to join…

Well flash forward to three months later, my subscription is up and not renewed.

I rejoined Bumble (that’s where all the hotties are) but with this site comes all the dirty comments and of course my favorite intro comment, “what are you on here for?”

We all know what that question means and it really grinds my gears to hear!

So again giving Bumble a try because I can’t sit back and complain I want to find someone without putting myself out there.

So I meet a new Bumble friend, he was 25 (so I’m a cougar now) but he seemed fun and we shared a lot of the same interests, especially in sports.

He wanted to take me to the Bruins game…hello!!!

Last weekend we celebrated one of my best friends birthdays and after texting with this “guy” for two weeks he kept asking me to hang out.

I had just recently got back from vacation and didn’t have time to date. So I kept having to say, next time.

Well Saturday after singing karaoke with my best friends I invited him and some of his friends to join us at my place.

Worst idea ever!

He instantly acted like we were dating, very touchy feely and that is not what I am into right off the bat.

He also came off very intoxicated and over dressed….

He asked me within ten minutes of being over if I wanted to go downstairs to watch a movie and get to know each other more. I said “No, I am hosting and it’s my best friends birthday.”

He said, “Well aren’t there enough of you here to host.”

Then asked if he could get the night started and sleep in my room until I was ready to come to bed…

Long story short and after numerous sexual comments he only wanted to sleep with me.

I had my friends over and thank god because they were all very protective of me and told him he was better off leaving.

He left after seeming like he was there all night but it couldn’t have been more than an hour and a half.

He tried texting and snap chatting me the next day and I ignored both. Let’s hope he got the hint because I haven’t heard from him since.

So my friends, as a girl in her midtwenties, I want to share my dating experiences with you all because I know you all have similar stories and I want to let you know you’re not alone.

Dating sucks

It’s exhausting

But it’s also hilarious stories to share with friends and a learning experience as a person.

So go on that date and share your stories so we can laugh and learn together!

I’ve been chatting with a new Bumble friend, like the others he seems “normal” he wants to get together this weekend, we shall seen. Stay tuned for another blog ha!

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