This is an up-Date

From my last blog post I shared how I was in the works of hanging out with another guy.

Well I did and let me tell you, it was also quit entertaining.

Just when you think, maybe this is a good one…he dishes his life to you and it’s not what you want to hear.

After chatting for about a week on Bumble and then texting we planned to try and get together over the weekend.

For me as I’ve learned a lot about myself, guys and dating these past few months one valid point I am making is to chat for a few days and try to meet and hangout ASAP. There’s no need to beat around the bush, enjoy the attention to just get let down or my infamous, never hear from them again.

With the social media and swiping left and right world at the touch of your hands there’s always going to be the next best thing out there.

So once a guy hits that two week mark (if that) his attention span runs wild and it’s onto the next.

Anyway back to my “date.”

We chatted Friday and he was tired after golfing and asked if I wanted to walk his dog with him on a hike Saturday morning.

I thought what a sweet first date, we would be sober, go on an adventure and have a great opportunity to really get to know one another.

But of course this conversation happens after 9pm and I’m already out with my friends enjoying a night on the town. Anyone that knows me and my hangovers at 27. Well they aren’t pretty so morning commitments don’t happen unless I stay in ha!

So I told him that sounded fun but no promises.

I heard from him at 9am but didn’t read it until 1pm. Again told you I don’t do hangovers well and a night on the town did it for me.

As I looked at his snaps of the hike I was bumming that I may have missed a really cool date.

So we talked throughout the day and wanted to get together for the hockey game that night.

After my weekend bumble experience the previous weekend I figured let’s make this a public event because you never do know.

So his friends came over and my friends were already over.

There was about 12 of us.

The second he walks in he introduces himself as a different name….I look at my roommate like whaaaat????

Come to find he’s been kicked off of Facebook and since your bumble is connected through Facebook that’s where the name came from.

Okay well still shady to me! We talked for a solid week and you couldn’t tell me that!?

Not sure if he was shy or just too drunk but I had to make the effort to pull conversation out of him.

His friends were great company and fun but something about him was off.

So here was our conversations:

He was kicked out of the military for drinking, had an arrest record, mainly for assault and battery and dates psycho girls and models….

WOW what a winner…..NOT!

But again being the friendly host that my friends and I are, we still hung out with them for the night but I knew pretty much after his “fake” name that I wasn’t interested.

So shortly after I Irish goodbyed and went downstairs to bed.

He has text me about 3 times since and has received short answers back.

It was too much information too soon but again better to hear all in the beginning then after a few dates where feelings could get involved.

So needless to say he’s not the one and the one who wants a “second date” or hang out time is one I don’t want anything to do with.

But isn’t that how it always works!?

Oh well from this my advice is to give people a chance you never know until you meet them who they truly are.

I’m glad I didn’t go on a solo date with this guy because I can’t imagine how awkward that would’ve been.

So if you’re hesitant about meeting a guy solo meet up with his friends and your friends.

In your mid twenties it’s all about finding yourself, who you want to date, who you don’t want to date.

So enjoy it and I’m sure you’ll find weird experiences like this but they do make for a hell of a story!

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