This is Disney as an Adult

My siblings and I went to Disney a few weeks ago and the three of us haven’t been together since 1998.

We recreated a picture of when we went.

(8 and 4 years old then and now 27 and 23)

We were visiting our grandmother in southern Florida and figured let’s go back to Disney as well!

While on vacation, one of my mottos is always do what you want while you are out there! See it all!

We only did the Magic Kingdom for one day and it was a magical day!

My sister and I ordered our mini mouse ears on Amazon (two days Prime free shipping and $15, yup!)

The park had the ears for $25.

We stayed at a Disney resort in Disney Springs and let me say that I highly recommend paying the extra cash to stay at a Disney resort!

It was a beautiful view as you can see, the pool was amazing and the free shuttle bus to the Disney parks was clutch.

We purchased our tickets straight from the hotel’s Disney store, $137…

When we went in 1998 my parents said tickets were about $80! Going for a day it was fine to pay, we got a full day and night of thrills and I have paid that much for a three hour concert.

But I can’t help but think, how do families of five go on a Disney vacation without breaking the bank!

But we did Disney as cheap as we could!

We only ate one meal in the park, brought water bottles to fill up and snacks in our backpacks.

Having the shuttle again was great, we took a two hour break. Came back to our resort for a “cheaper” dinner, changed and of course grabbed a drink! Disney’s Magic Kingdom is a sober park now, would’ve been cool to have a beer in Disney but guess you’d have to go to Epcot.

Just in time for the firework show!

I am a sap and teared up. It was the most beautiful firework display I’ve ever seen and having my siblings there was a memory I’ll cherish forever.

Doing Disney as an adult is special because you’ll remember it more and get joy in seeing everything. Plus who doesn’t want to feel like a kid again!?

We got to go on every ride we wanted, waiting no more than 30-45 minutes per ride.

Our ticket came with three fast passes which was awesome because we cut the line and only waited about 5 minutes, so that helped a lot and allowed us to see everything we wanted even with our two hour break.

The next day we relaxed by the resorts pool, which had a lazy river!

It was so nice to be in the sun and swim for one more day! And to see snaps of everyone back home in the snow…my day made me enjoy a Monday for once!

I’m happy we were able to experience Disney again and create unforgettable memories together on another sibling vacation!

So I highly recommend Disney as a trip in your mid twenties, “it’s a whole new world” as Jasmine would sing!

A great getaway and you can do it inexpensive from some of the tips I shared.

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