This is Being Busy

Busy can be good when you’re good busy….and that is something that I have been. I let months go without posting anything to my site and saw the last post I had was about my trip to Disney.

Within those months, I traveled to Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Colorado and California.

All for amazing reasons from long weekend trips, to birthday trips, to vacation, visiting family and a conference.

I had a great summer with family and friends. Although it was one of the hottest summers or so the levels of humidity and my hair seemed. It’s now fall and the weather is comfortable but it will not be long until we are facing those cold winter months.

I plan on catching back up with my writing during this time, starting a scrapbook and finally an online portfolio.

Oh and within these months I turned 28 soooo I guess my blog should say, “This is late twenties.”

But since I started this blog in my mid twenties, that is my trademark and I am going to continue my original name.

I’m still swiping on Bumble and liking on Hinge, my dating luck at 28 has not gotten any easier and I have still yet to get that second date.

But that’s okay because as you can see I have been traveling a lot, focusing a ton on my career, enjoying my family, going out with friends and really feeling like myself.

So if you find yourself get caught up in the swing of life and the fast paced demands of everyday tasks that’s okay, make sure you’re always taking time for yourself and your family.

And most importantly continue to have fun, enjoy your twenties whether you’re young twenties, mid twenties or late twenties!

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