This is Being Busy

Busy can be good when you’re good busy….and that is something that I have been. I let months go without posting anything to my site and saw the last post I had was about my trip to Disney. Within those months, I traveled to Maine, New York, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Colorado and California. … More This is Being Busy

This is Match

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2018 was to put myself out there and join a dating site. I’m not talking Bumble or Tinder…been there done that. Refer back to my “This is Bumble” blog post for a good laugh. Those sites to me were more entertainment with girlfriends than anything else. So I … More This is Match

This is Rejection

I graduated college in 2012 from a top university in Boston. My dream and passion since I can remember has been writing and communicating. If you asked me at 18 years old where I would see myself five years out of college….my answer would not have been where I am today. I figured I would … More This is Rejection