This is Change

As summer is ending and fall is two days away it is the time of year for change. Being in your midtwenties I feel that I am constantly going through change. Part of this change is finding out who I am. I haven’t been on my blogging game lately because my roommates mom passed away … More This is Change

This is Summer

Summer 2017 is here! Although it seems that we went straight from Winter to Summer overnight… But it is Summer time and the livin’ is easy. At least that is my motto usually for the Summer. I enjoy to plan and stay busy so my agenda is usually booked. But that’s what life is all … More This is Summer

This is NOLA

My brother, sister and I are all Geminis…so we are crazy but know how to have a good time! My birthday is June 1 and they are twins and their birthday’s June 7. We are four years apart and have always celebrated our birthdays together since we were kids. Our initial and the order of … More This is NOLA

This is 27

I turned 27 on Thursday June 1. It was the first time in my 27 years that I worked. I decided to take my birthday holiday and use this Friday instead (long weekend)! So now does this consider me Mid Twenties!? Some people said yes while others said no. For myself I look at your … More This is 27

This is Realizing you Don’t Need a Boyfriend to Make you Happy

You need to love yourself before you can fall in love with someone else. That is a saying that I love and fully understand now. I’ve had two serious boyfriends, both with the same name. Should’ve been my red flag right then and there. However you live and you learn and that’s all a part … More This is Realizing you Don’t Need a Boyfriend to Make you Happy